KPMG & REC Report on Jobs December 19

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"We shouldn't be surprised that the continued political uncertainty is having an impact on recruitment, with businesses remaining unsure how to proceed and individuals staying put.

This has meant an increase in the need to plug holes with temporary staff and, of course, with retailers requiring additional staff in the run-up to Christmas, these numbers will be inflated. We can expect that once the season has finished, numbers will reduce again significantly.

Those businesses which are hiring need to consider their offering to candidates, who are being choosy, and must move swiftly to keep candidates interested. Or risk losing them and starting the process again.

We know that whichever political party, or parties, form a government next week, we have further tough times ahead with any Brexit months or years away. But a clear course needs to be set to instil confidence in both the business community and in consumers so that we can press on with investment nationally to avoid a recession.

The general feeling in the recruitment industry is that we can confidently expect January to pick up significantly. But it remains to be seen."

Clarity Appointments KPMG REC Jobs Report England Dec 19 [945.18 KB]

Clarity Appointments KPMG REC Jobs Report Midlands Dec 19 [828.19 KB]