KPMG & REC Report on Jobs November 19

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"As a regional director for The Employment Agent's Movement and an active participant in Member's Only, a recruitment agency owner's organisation, I talk to a lot of recruiters, providing me with a better-balanced view of the market as a whole, beyond the reaches of my own business. I've also devoted more time to get out in front of as many customers as possible in recent weeks, as have my team.

And, whilst there are a few exceptions, the general feeling is of unease, frustration, anger and exasperation. With businesses anxious that they cannot plan, that hard work is not delivering the financial results it would have done in the past, that attracting talent is incredibly difficult and where there is not increased sales, cost-cutting exercises.

As recruiters, we are seeing hiring decisions postponed and businesses looking for job applicants to fulfil every aspect of the job specification, without fail, in a marketplace where very few people are actually seeking alternative employment, likely because of the risks involved. Managing these expectations is proving incredibly challenging.

In the days that this survey was being compiled for publishing, I and other recruiter friends met to discuss the market place and have seen, very recently, the upsurge in people in redundancy consultation periods and/or seeing their employer struggling and hoping to 'jump ship' before they reach that stage.

The latter will help to alleviate the shortage of talent, short term, but continued uncertainty over Brexit at this time of year likely means we will not see a change in the marketplace until January 2020, at the earliest.

That said, this is a huge opportunity for recruitment agencies to have meaningful conversations with their client's and potential client's, to sell the value they can add to the recruitment process. We are often more agile than internal recruitment teams, with incredible market knowledge, cutting edge technology, a broader reach, an excellent network and a wealth of experience. All of which we often underestimate. Now is the time to break into places that once felt impossible and build new, bright futures with British businesses."

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