KPMG & REC Report on Jobs October 19

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"As we predicted, with continued political and economic uncertainty over Brexit, businesses are taking advantage of the UK's flexible workforce, holding off on making permanent hiring decisions and taking on a greater number of temporary workers to plug holes. Permanent numbers are also down as businesses making decisions to consolidate, restructure or close, which is what we are seeing more of locally.

For the first time in years local businesses are hiring temporary staff to cover holidays and illness, suggesting that with a skeleton workforce, they are no longer able to cope with short term absences.

Normally, as the summer ends, permanent job vacancies and the number of job-seekers increases but we're not seeing that this year.

And the type of vacancies we're being asked to help with, are those that are incredibly hard to fill and critical to the running of the organisation. In fact, we're collaborating more frequently with external recruitment partners to ensure we meet the needs of our clients."

Clarity Appointments KPMG REC GB Jobs Report October 19 [833.81 KB]

Clarity Appointments KPMG REC Midland Jobs Report October 19 [721.04 KB]