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Clarity partners with Pretty Successful Careers

We're delighted to announce that Clarity Appointments have partnered with a hugely experienced and successful careers coach, Helen Pretty of Pretty Successful Careers.

Clare Wight, Managing Director of Clarity Appointments said "It's so important to be able to understand the challenges of individuals going through an intense period of study, often alongside full-time employment. We decided to seek out an expert to help us to provide guidance and support to those people and also raise awareness with their line managers to aid their journey.

Who better than Helen Pretty, who, having gone through this life experience herself, has also worked as a coach for the CIMA Mentoring Programme."

Helen Pretty is a CIMA qualified Accountant, who has successfully worked her way up the finance ladder in her career, specialising in Management Accounts within the manufacturing industry.

Since her qualification Helen has worked as a mentor on the CIMA mentoring programme, supporting and coaching qualifying accountants with their studies and career development.

As well as utilising her qualified accounting status in her working career, Helen has supported and committed to voluntary programmes outside of her 9-5 to support organisations and schools.

She has been a local Governor for two schools (Secondary and Primary) as well as being a Mentor on The Girls’ Network programme. These voluntary opportunities have given Helen priceless coaching and personal development skills by working with young adults, to make a positive difference to their education, self-confidence and career development.

In 2018 Helen set up her own coaching business, Pretty Successful Careers, to support and coach qualifying accountants to successfully pass their exams, move up the finance career ladder and get that accounting job of their dreams.

Because Helen is qualified and is employed as a Senior Finance lead this experience and expertise gives her the opportunity and confidence to support her qualifying colleagues to achieve the same successful results.

As well as a positive and enthusiastic attitude, Helen loves to focus on plans and strategy to make the most of her life, career and personal experiences. She takes every opportunity to travel the world (sometimes with her lovely but slightly crazy cavalier king Charles spaniel) and she always takes her camera with her to capture every moment.

She is writing a book on her life (so far!) so watch this space to learn how to be like ‘The most determined and ambitious person you will ever meet’.