Meet the Team: Clare Wight, Managing Director

This is the first in a series of blogs written about the Clarity Appointments team. Because we're human beings who make a living from providing an important service to other humans.

We prod and probe other people's brains all day long. Enquiring about their professional experience and interrogating their personality traits. All the time, hiding behind a professional photo and a paragraph that summarises who we are 9 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

So now we've decided to share a little more about ourselves.

My name is Clare Wight and I chose this picture of me because it still causes me amusement, over 25 years later. Leaping 12,500 feet out of a plane with the most appalling hangover, tied to a man I'd only known a couple of hours, ball dress stuffed on the back seat of our mini in the car park below.

The picture might suggest that I'm an exciting individual, maybe even an adrenaline junky, especially when I tell you that weeks after the skydive I went hot air ballooning.

The reality is very different. I am terrified of heights and I was tricked into jumping. My then-boyfriend 'leaked' that for my 21st birthday he'd bought me a skydive. And the only way I thought I could go through with it, was if I raised money for the local hospital's children's ward. Once I'd got my sponsorship he confessed it was a joke. I couldn't let the hospital down so I made him pay for it anyway! A couple of false starts due to windy weather, the actual jump happened on the way back home from a big night away with friends.

The 'real' me is someone who enjoys travel and cooking, a wonderful combination. I have been fortunate to visit some amazing places including China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Kenya. But probably my greatest love is Italy and I visit as often as I can. Which isn't nearly often enough.

My educational background is short. I see the screwed up noses when I admit to people that I never went to university. The fact is, I left school at 16, deciding to decline the college course I was offered to take 'A' levels and start work. It was 1987 and more unusual to go to university. But the fact of the matter was, I really wanted to work, not continue with school. And that's what I did.

So, I joined NatWest Bank, learning hugely, and leaving 12 years later to start a career in recruitment. I was encouraged into recruitment by a friend since my background at the bank had been in relationship management.

After gaining experience at two recruitment agencies over six years, I founded Clarity Appointments. I was tired of the stick recruiters were getting beaten with every day to meet endless KPI's, often forgetting that we are in the business of dealing with people at a critical point in their lives. And that listening and learning from our clients and candidates made for a better job done than the number of sales calls made.

I am very proud of our team who work hard to deliver great service to candidate's and clients every single day.