• Don't lose your preferred candidate Don't lose your preferred candidate

Don’t lose your preferred candidate

Don’t lose your preferred candidate

Candidates are scarce at present which means that once someone you want accepts an offer it is worth the effort to keep them engaged until they start and then nurture them once they arrive. If you don’t then they will be far more receptive to the other approaches and offers they will be receiving.

Reassure the candidate they have made a good decision

As soon as the recruitment consultant notifies you that the candidate has accepted the offer you should call them to congratulate them on the role, tell them you are looking forward to working with them and talk about their career development.

Your recruitment consultant should talk the candidate through the resignation process should they have any questions. We offer candidates a draft resignation letter to stop the resignation becoming an obstacle. We will also coach them on the implications of accepting counter offers – employers feeling they have been held to ransom, colleagues potentially begrudging them, the fact the fundamental issues that made them look for a role won’t change etc.

Put in place a schedule of actions

The time between offer and the candidate starting work is likely to be weeks, sometimes months. The rapport the candidate felt with interviewers can wane in that time and what may have felt like a welcoming atmosphere to the candidate can quickly feel remote and make them nervous about their decision.

Start sending your new colleague non-sensitive information and updates to make them feel like part of the team and perhaps even schedule an evening for them to come and join their new colleagues for a drink.

Structure their start date

The first day with a new employer is always a little unnerving. A couple of weeks before they start, reduce uncertainty by providing the candidate with a plan for their first day – where they should be, at what time, who they will meet and what the plan will be for those first few days.

Put in place follow-ups

We will follow-up with you and the candidate at the end of the first week, the first month and the third month to understand how your new employee is settling in and, in the unlikely event there are any issues, ensure those are quickly addressed. On the candidate’s first day we recommend you also schedule a number of review sessions for the coming weeks – by making these part of your onboarding process it will make the candidate understand that these meetings are routine rather than an indicator of a problem.

We are here to help you find the right job, so if we can help then ask.

Clare Wight is managing director of Clarity Appointments, a fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals a regional director for The Employment Agents Movement (TEAM). Her email is: clare.wight@clarityteam.co.uk