Why You're Losing the Best Candidates

Snail Pace Recruitment

I have had another one of those unfortunate occasions this week, where I have lost a placement, and more crucially, a client has lost a seemingly perfect candidate for their business, simply because they didn’t move quick enough.

We all know there is a skills shortage out there, and this particular candidate was in demand. Picture the scenario … The candidate was immediately available and very keen to start a new role as soon as possible. They’d had an amazing first interview, they loved the culture, the sound of the role, and were being chased down by numerous agencies (none of which they’d met) with a plethora of new opportunities. They were promised a second interview, but there would be a delay for a couple of days to sort things out.

Four days on, still no news so the candidate (quite rightly) has applied for a few more roles. They are still very interested in this job opportunity, but can’t afford to hang around.

I chase up feedback. Nothing. Next day, the candidate informs me they now have an interview. Any news? I chase again only to find the line manager is on holiday. I email, cc-ing some other decision makers. No news.

Monday arrives … hooray, the invite for a second interview arrives too. Great news. However, by Tuesday morning, the interview the candidate attended on Monday has been very successful, they have been offered the position and they start the next day.

I would like to say this is a rare occurrence, but sadly this happens time and time again. Had the original client invited them back for the second interview as promised, by the end of the week, it would have most certainly been them that the candidate would have been starting with the next week.

The lesson … in this candidate-rare market, where finding the right top talent is so hard, don’t delay. Find a way to move your processes quickly, or else you may be looking for your next team member for a VERY long time.

Terri Lalonde
Business Manager