The 7 reasons why your recruitment agency isn't prioritising your vacancy

#5 You are not a repeat client

OK, this is a tricky one ...

Recruiters, good ones, are busy. Like lap-top open in the evenings, mobile phone on permanently, dashing between candidate registrations and client meetings, continued professional development, working a network, sifting through oodles of CV's, whilst picking up the kids, feeding the chickens, walking the dog, visiting the grandchildren, having a personal life, busy.

And sometimes it's not a matter of how many hours there are in a day but how much energy and enthusiasm you can muster. I had a headache for three days last week ...

So here goes ... a bit controversial ... #5 You are not a repeat client.

It's natural to looks after those customers that keep coming back. They're your bread and butter, more often than not.

But it sounds unfair if you're, say, a small company, trying a recruitment agency for the first time and you learn now that the reason they didn't prioritise you was because you're a newbie.

Well, this isn't strictly true. Naturally, all businesses look after existing customers because good, regular, fee-paying work is hard to come by. I think we all know it's very expensive to find new customers.

But having a tall order of vacancies to fill from one company is not always the dream it sounds. We have 'sacked' clients that have given us vacancies galore because they haven't fulfilled the other criteria we need (see the other blogs in this series). Or they treat candidates poorly. Or don't pay on time. The latter two reasons for not filling your vacancy are not in this series. They're obvious, surely. You don't pay me, I'm not working for you. Treat candidates poorly, you can forget it. I am not having my hard earned reputation go down the toilet because of your bad practices.

There is really great pleasure in working with a small business for the first time. One that is completely committed to the process and respects your work for what it is. There is always the unwritten promise that if you deliver, they will reward you with more vacancies in the future. Even if it's only one a year.

But, nonetheless, it's true, we reward loyalty with loyalty. You're a good company to do business with, you come back, we love you, we will serve you. You are top of our pile.

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Thanks to #savagetruth for their help and inspiration.