The Myth about Accountants

Why they are so much more than a suit

Grey, humourless and boring.

Moaned about for doing everything by the book, being unbending and 'working for HMRC and not me'.

Every bar in the country is being propped up by people who know better than their accountant.


Well, I am here to stand up for these fine men and women who find themselves surrounded by 'experts' in every pub in the land.

I, for one, believe I should pay my share of tax (but only my share) and maybe that's why I have a good relationship with my accountant in the first place.

I don't ask him to cheat or lie, nor do I hide anything from him. I don't moan about his invoices either.

And in return, I have not only found in him a person who can produce a set of numbers, explain them to me and help me to analyse, reduce costs and plan for the future of my business but a man who has my back. Who understands me and my company like very, very few others and can talk fluent 'recruitment industry' despite managing a large and varied portfolio of clients.

Who has been there when times have been hard, offering friendship, support and advice.

And goodness knows his personal life is way more interesting and fun-packed than mine!

I have met many accountants over the years and the pool consists of a wide variety of people who support their clients and employers by day and in their own time are busy raising families, racing cars, climbing mountains, coaching football teams, enjoying extensive travel and enjoying a few pints/glasses down the pub.

See, they are just like you and me. Only infinitely better with numbers.