Dealing with Rejection

The Challenges of Job Hunting

It's an inevitable part of the process.

You apply for jobs, you don't hear back. You go for interviews, they don't feedback. Or you're simply not successful having completed the entire recruitment process. Someone was 'better' than you.

It's cruel, of course. But life is sometimes. And the only person that can really protect yourself from misery whilst job hunting is you. But how?

Firstly, I recommend that you maximise your chances of getting beyond clicking 'apply', by sending your application to only the most suitable positions and ensuring your application is relevant and professional.

Past that you have little control over the process - the application has gone. You can chase it, yes. But it's unlikely now that you have any influence whatsoever. And whilst you wait for that call or email to ask you for more information or to attend an interview, you keep applying for other jobs.

You will undoubtedly find this unimaginably frustrating.

You can't change the selection and hiring process of the recruiter. You never will. We live in an age where rudeness is the norm. Where calls are dodged, emails ignored, decision makers hide, or lie. That's their issue, not yours and it's time to take the higher ground.

So, secondly, I say choose your applications and your companies carefully. It's simple enough to find out about an organisation's culture online (Glassdoor for one. Twitter for another). If you're using recruitment agencies, ensure they build a relationship with you so they know what you want and need from the process to feel in control of your destiny. And when you are let down, simply take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars. A firm that treats you disrespectfully in the hiring period is unlikely to respect you as an employee. They did you a favour.