Case Study - Credit Controller



The candidate had been a very experienced credit controller. She left to raise children, working in a nursery and then the local school to suit the needs of her family. She wanted to return to credit control. She wanted to return to credit control and pick up where her career had left off 19 years before.


Having been out of the sector for almost two decades, it was difficult to get buy in from clients who felt she was a risky hire.


Arranged an interview with the candidate where it was quickly evident that she was very up to date with practices of credit control, as if she had left her last credit control job only yesterday.

The Clarity Consultant put together a placement plan and approached clients with vacancies to try and get her an interview, as they knew that in person, she would be able to sell herself very well.

A role came in from a client that Clarity had worked very closely with for years. The relationship was such that they trusted that only the most suitable candidates would be put forward by Clarity for consideration by their organisation. The vacancy was for a Credit Control Administrator which was a great step back into the career the candidate wanted.


Two CV’s were submitted, mostly candidates with an administration background. Because this candidate had previously worked in credit control her CV and profile stood out above the others and an interview was arranged.

Following a second interview the role was offered to the candidate who was delighted to be given an opportunity to return to a job she loved.

The role has worked out superbly for both parties and she is still there two years later.


"I can highly recommend Clarity. They helped me to secure a job after being out of that role for 19 years. They had confidence in me and with their contacts and experience I was successful. I would use Clarity again and will recommend them.
Thank You."