Case Study - Accountant



We met an experienced accounting professional for registration who was just in the process of winding down her own business which was an Accountancy Practice. She was looking for a new challenge and was flexible in her approach to her next role and the industry it would be in.


It transpired during initial conversations that this person’s experience of agencies had been very poor. She was therefore averse to meeting with a consultant since her previous meetings with recruitment agencies had been meaningless and unsuccessful. Had we been unable to convince her of the benefits of meeting with a Clarity consultant we would not have been able to submit her CV to client’s for consideration.


We invested time to understand her needs and desires for her next role, explaining how we work and guiding her through the process of job applications, interviews and providing feedback on her CV.

A new client contacted us, on recommendation from an external accountant, looking for a strong Bookkeeper. Having met with this candidate we were confident of her ability and desire for the role, that she would be a good cultural fit and were confident the position would meet both the needs of her and the client. We sent her CV across for consideration along with two others. Her CV was strong enough to secure her an interview along with one other submitted by a competitor agency.

Our candidate was well briefed on the role and the organisation and had her expectations managed regarding the process and timescales.


After a one interview process she was offered the job. Indeed she was deemed so perfect for the organisation that the line manager negotiated a starting salary for her £5,000 in excess of her expectations.


‘Would like to say a huge thank you to yourself and Helen for the introduction. Having dealt with a few agencies over the last couple of months, Clarity are by far a very professional company. That's not just because I got the job.’