Reducing Costs

Helping a Business to Reduce its Costs


SME business had a Finance Manager who had been in place for 15 years when transaction volumes were low and processes were appropriate for the size of the organisation. However, the business went on to grow rapidly and the Finance Manager did not grow with it, meaning processes and procedures were lacking, invoices were not being chased so the cash flow suffered and the external accountants were picking up more and more work at greater cost to the business.


The Finance Manager had decided he wanted to leave and had found a new job opportunity. He was on 3 month’s notice but keen to leave sooner, and the business was keen to replace quickly so that they could release him. They decided that the role would suit sometime on part time hours, 5 days a week, and who could potentially bring some of the main accounting tasks back in house.


A search was run on our current database alongside advertising on two job boards and the Clarity Appointments website. Screening was completed including interviews booked in order to establish best fit for the business. A meeting was booked with the client, to establish as much information about the business, the culture and the other team members. Interview dates were booked, and second interview dates fixed to meet the external firm of accountants, to ensure best fit culturally as well as technical ability well and truly established.


A candidate was successfully appointed after two rounds of interviews, and able to start the following month. Clarity stayed close during the on-boarding process to establish that both parties are very happy with progress and that the long term expectation remains that more work will be brought in house from the external accountants, further reducing cost.


“Responded fast to an urgent requirement of mine with multiple candidates, all of which were highly suitable for the role”.