National Pillow Fight Awareness Day

And Other Barmy National Awareness Days

Did you know that the 2nd April was National Pillow Fight Awareness Day?

According to the Awareness Day's website, in case you're remotely interested, 'A pillow fight flash mob is a social phenomenon of flash mobbing and shares many characteristics of a culture jam.' (I had to Google half of that). 'The trend owes much to uses of modern communications technologies, including decentralised personal networking, known as smartmobbing. Word of the events spreads primarily via digital means, usually on the internet via email, chat rooms and text messaging which result in seemingly spontaneous mass gatherings.'

In a time when our heads and our lives are cluttered, I find it difficult enough to 'do my bit' by marking awareness days for childhood illnesses, cancer, dementia and world hunger let alone pillow fights.

Greetings cards now exist for pretty much every eventuality and social media is there, guilt tripping us every day that someone else is running for this charity or climbing a mountain for that cause while we're on the sofa with a third glass of wine. Endless newsfeeds of baby showers, engagements, marriages, birthdays..... And not a week goes by without a charity envelope or clothing sack dropping through the letter box to remind us of the need to be decent human beings.

Please can we go back to simpler times when you looked after your nearest and dearest, celebrated real events with loved ones, had a direct debit for your favourite chosen charity and felt infinitely less guilt?

If we could achieve this perhaps there would be less need to mark National Stress Awareness Month (April).

Clare Wight, Managing Director