Is Your Job Applicant Who They Say They Are?

Reducing the Risk of a Bad Hire

Hiring badly for your business can be devastating. Apart from the obvious costs including salary and training costs choosing the wrong person can negatively affect staff morale, damage your brand and, worst case scenario, you could be inviting a criminal into your business.

I have yet to meet a recruiter who has a 100% track record for hiring the right people all of the time. The person sitting in front of you at interview may be far removed from the real person you will encounter once they are in your business. But there is much you can do to reduce the risks significantly.

These are my tips.

  • Ensure that the interview process is robust.
  • If you are in doubt about your ability to interview or make the ultimate decision, get a second opinion from a more experienced colleague or an external professional; an HR Manager for example.
  • Check relevant qualifications.
  • Ensure your candidate has the Right to Work in the UK (this is a statutory requirement).
  • Provide appropriate employment contracts, have company policies and procedures made available and make thorough inductions part of your hiring process so your new employee understands what is expected of them from the off.

For help regarding the interview process please see the Clarity free guide for recruiters.

Clare Wight, Managing Director

Interview Management [717.35 KB]