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SME Monthly September Edition

Welcome to the September edition of SME Monthly, designed to give SME business owners the tools they need to stay up to date and relevant in a broad range of skills including:


Human Resources

IT and Cyber Security




SME Monthly is the collaboration of a team of experts, all respected and trusted in their field and producing a monthly digest of the very latest news, hints and tips.

Clarity's Managing Director, Clare Wight is the founder and says "I know so many great people I trust in business, relationships formed over many years. And I thought that it was about time that there was an effort to share our collective expertise in one digest, monthly, for the benefit of the wider business community.

Small businesses often don't have the luxury of internal departments or experts, instead, the directors, owners, managers may have to wear many hats, covering multiple tasks themselves. And that likely means they fall behind on the latest news, technologies, statutory obligations and best practices whilst working in areas that are far outside their comfort zone or area of interest. Mistakes, we know are costly, so staying up to date is critical.

Hence, SME Monthly was launched, with our first email edition released today! We're all really proud of this collaboration and hope it quickly becomes a useful tool to other small business owners.

Here's the link to the September edition.


To subscribe, please use the link https://mailchi.mp/clarityteam/sme-monthly

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Clare Wight is the founder and Managing Director of Clarity Appointments, an independent recruitment specialist. She is also a member of The Employment Agents Movement, supporting other independent recruiters and has served as a Regional Director for five and a half years.

She believes in collaboration to provide emotional and professional business support to other business owners and to ensure her skills and knowledge of the recruitment sector are constantly being challenged and updated. Thus enabling her to offer the very best of advice to firms looking to make their next hire.

Book a chat with me here https://calendly.com/clare-wight/30min

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