Why has my job application been rejected?

We hope you find the video useful and wish you every success in your search.

"Thanks for the video, you gave me insight about rejection reasons from a reliable source like yourself and it showed me that you care about people.

I am sure you helped a lot of people with this response."

"Thank you for your email.

How so very refreshing to receive a response. ( I have many horror stories ) I am most appreciative. A lesson for many.

The two videos by Clare have been absolutely invaluable & for that I can not thank you enough."

"Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Your company is a dream company to work for and I am really impressed by the organization and the speed you are dealing with the recruitment.

There are not many companies in the UK that have such an innovative and progressive way to work. I believe that you have the same perfect organization and culture in place implemented."

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