KPMG & REC Report on Jobs August 2021

Clare Wight comments:

"The skills shortage remains and we're seeing the demand for talent pushing up salaries.

I agree it is a great time to move, for that reason alone.

But convincing employed people to move as the uncertainty remains is going to take more than a monetary carrot.

People want job certainty and security, continued flexible working and to be part of something that's successful on an ongoing basis.

Any conversation being had right now includes 'but what's going to happen in September when the furlough scheme ends?'

Undoubtedly, the JRS was fit for purpose, saving jobs and businesses, but its extension to the end of September meant uncertainty would always remain into the autumn.

Only once the plug has been pulled on the furlough scheme and we realise that businesses haven't fallen over and there are no mass increases in unemployment will we see and feel any confidence. There will be the necessity to get rid of seasonal distractions too - 'back to school' and summer holidays.

I expect to see the applicant market move early in October and flourish until early December when they will drop off again to focus on what many have found really matters - festivities and time with loved ones. Picking up again early to mid-January 2022."

Clare Wight is the founder and Managing Director of Clarity Appointments, an independent recruitment specialist. She is also a member of The Employment Agents Movement, serving time as a Regional Director, supporting other independent recruiters.

She believes in collaboration to provide emotional and professional business support to other business owners and to ensure her skills and knowledge of the recruitment sector are constantly being challenged and updated. Thus enabling her to offer the very best of advice to firms looking to make their next hire.

Clare's also the founder and a contributor to a new monthly digest called SME Monthly, a collaboration with other experts in their field, designed to give SME business owners the tools they need to stay up to date and relevant in a broad range of skills including:

Recruitment; Human Resources; IT and Cyber Security; Finance; Well-being; Marketing

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