KPMG & REC Report on Jobs November 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"Sadly, the speed with which things change during the pandemic, even the little good news is not a cause for celebration, since things have moved on by the time any report or survey is published.

England has now commenced a further lockdown, with the JRS scheme extended to 31 March 2021, buying some time for businesses which are struggling to plan, and supporting those who would otherwise be made redundant. The extension of the scheme suggests as Boris hinted in September, more major disruption until the spring. None of us should be surprised by this.

There are jobs out there but they are fewer and further between than they were pre-pandemic and with December approaching, a notoriously slower month, we cannot expect great news from the jobs market over the coming weeks.

That aside, job seekers are finding work, there are businesses riding this and we shouldn't dwell too much on the misery and be planning our way out of the crisis when life returns to some normality.

Indeed, within my own team we are ensuring we are planning Q1 2021, making greater human contact to strengthen relationships, investing in better systems and more focused marketing campaigns so we remain front of mind.

It's too easy to put your head between your legs and hope to come out of the other side alive, with a few scratches, but that's not going to work the longer this continues. Yes, celebrate the good news, by all means, but accept that tomorrow might look very different and plan for that.

Don't postpone hiring plans - do it now. If you delay, but your competitors do not, they will come out of this quicker and risk making you more vulnerable."

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