KPMG & REC Report on Jobs August 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"Well, here's a bit of positivity. Whilst we're all aware that with the furlough changes due September and October there will be impending redundancies, there are also businesses which are thriving.

We have a manufacturing client, still churning out their product 24/7. A video games testing company, booming. A local manufacturing company that is about to start a £ multi-million project to build a new factory and accountancy practices which have continued to attract skilled professionals to their teams despite lockdown, to aid their clients now and build a stronger business for the future.

And we're seeing enquiries from individuals asking for advice and/or referrals to start or grow their micro-businesses.

The current flexibility of the furlough scheme means organisations are able to ease their people back into work and reverse decisions quickly if they turn out to be detrimental. And this need for flexibility during uncertain times would likely account for the rise in demand for temporary staffing solutions shown in the survey.

Personally, I believe that the longer we take to try and get back to 'normal' the longer we'll feel the pain. If you're not bringing your sales force back, for example, who's selling? Where's your future pipeline? If your competitor has taken a risk to get people back and it pays off, how damaging will that be for you? And with credit controllers on furlough, one can only imagine what your cashflow looks like.

Use the skills of your accountancy professionals, internal or external, to make decisions, bold ones if necessary, to secure your future.

Finally, whilst we shouldn't ignore the economic crisis we're hurtling towards, there is much to be celebrated. Seek out the 'good stuff', enjoy it, share it and take advantage of it. Because it's a positive attitude and behaviours along with the ability to make informed decisions that are going to get us out of this mess."

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