KPMG & REC Report on Jobs July 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"Well, June felt a lot less stressful and that's coming across in the results of the survey.

Talking to individuals and businesses, June was very much a month of wanting some sort of normality and 'getting back to business' was high on the agenda after a long period of paralysis and frustration.

Our own organisation had people return from furlough, to test the climate, and we picked up new work with relative ease.

But that renewed interest in recruiting through an agency has been in two distinct areas. Highly skilled professionals, supporting companies with their desire to survive and thrive. And where businesses have seen the value in outsourcing recruitment to an external professional because they have seen how timeconsuming and costly it is, pulling their employees away from their already busy workload.

Putting a job advert out online and then getting hundreds of applications? That's our Monday to Friday.

Teaching the value that an external recruitment professional can bring to your team will continue to be a challenge as companies try to hire for themselves to reduce cost.

But it's clear we're headed for millions of unemployed people in the coming weeks as the furlough scheme ends and companies have to assess those jobs that are to be made redundant. That's about to make the hiring process a whole lot more time-consuming. Everyone in my team has hired in a recession and we can tell you, it's not just busy, it's highly emotive.

My advice, if employers want to hire for themselves in the coming weeks and months, is to implement a process which ensures that the applicant experience is a good one, reducing any PR disaster and emotional exchanges with aggrieved jobseekers who feel ignored, helpless and desperate.

Communicating quickly, clearly and warmly goes a very long way. We've really stepped up the human approach this month, despite having to work remotely, with surprising results.

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Clare Wight is the managing director and founder of Clarity Appointments, a boutique agency that serves Cambs, Beds, Herts and, through referral Northants and London.

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