KPMG & REC Report on Jobs June 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"It's no surprise that we're not only seeing a lack of temporary and permanent job vacancies in the UK, but that we have a greater number of job seekers available, after a prolonged period of candidate shortage.

Whilst the furlough scheme has offered businesses some breathing space, rather than making knee-jerk redundancies, consultancy periods have started. Plus we have temporary workers and those not eligible for the furlough scheme let go.

However, forever in communication with fellow recruiters, I can add that, just in the last two weeks since these stats were compiled, we are seeing the jobs market move. Just slightly.

It's clear recovery will be slow and we'll likely have a very, very challenging third and fourth quarter of 2020. But there are small signs that it's started."

Clarity KPMG REC GB Jobs June 2020 [907.67 KB]

Clarity KPMG REC Midlands Jobs June 2020 [818.03 KB]