KPMG & REC Report on Jobs April 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director says

"These figures were compiled before the real effects of the Coronavirus were felt in the UK and accurately portray what we saw as a business, mirrored by many other recruitment agencies we know well.

That recruitment stopped almost overnight.

Wherever there is uncertainty, recruitment goes on hold and this was pretty much universal, with the exception of just a few areas that we have seen thrive during the crisis, that of key-workers.

Just as we were seeing the positive effects of getting Brexit and the general election well and truly out of the way, this has happened and caused a catastrophe.

All we can do is hang on in there and expect that once the lockdown is done, business returns to normal very quickly so that the UK economy can recover."

KPMG REC Clarity Appts England Jobs Survey April 2020 [914.92 KB]

KPMG REC Clarity Appts Midlands Jobs Survey April 2020 [827.93 KB]