KPMG & REC Report on Jobs February 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"What a relief, that, as expected there is improved market confidence, and this is positively affecting the recruitment market.

Our own experience is that hiring is still incredibly challenging. Vacancies may be up on a year ago, but things weren't great a year ago. So we should be careful about being overly optimistic.

And we're seeing a greater influx of quality applications on the past six months too, but it's not unusual to see a leap at the start of any new year and, again, we are cautious about expecting this flurry to continue.

Brexit trade deals are still in negotiation and until this process is completed I think we can expect businesses to be careful about making some big decisions.

What's clear is, if you're a business hiring in 2020, you need to understand the continuing skills shortage and, if you're committed to hiring, be as flexible as possible during your process.

Don't expect to find someone who meets all your criteria but be willing to support, train and develop someone with the right attitude and aptitude."

KPMG GB Jobs ENG 2002 PANEL [977.18 KB]

KPMG GB Midlands Jobs ENG 2002 [777.06 KB]