KPMG & REC Report on Jobs January 2020

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"With new, much needed political certainty, it's no surprise that business leaders are now feeling the confidence to make permanent hiring decisions and it's great to see that the positive effects were seen as early as December.

Certainly, the Clarity team have experienced an influx of new positions and a greater urgency to fulfil those roles outstanding from late 2019 suggesting must-needed confidence and commitment.

It's too early to predict what to expect in 2020 since we don't know what Brexit will look like. And because it's not enough for businesses to have confidence, we need job-seekers to feel able to make that move because we have a shortage of available, skilled people with which to fill positions. But the initial signs are hopeful. We know we will be leaving the European Union on 31 January come what may, and job application numbers for the first few days of January exceeded those received in the whole of December.

The full impact of the IR35 changes and their effect on the temporary and contract market are yet to be seen, but it's evident some are burying their heads. But, the announcement this week that Sajid Javid is to review the rules before they come into effect in April might cause more of those to be affected to wait and see what the outcome of this review is before taking action. What's certain, is that for those taking the new regulations seriously, there's a lot to be done which is both time-consuming and costly. Just when British businesses need some breathing space to allow them to re-focus and grow."

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