• Clare Wight, Donna Mills, Sophie Hardiman & Helen Koffman Clare Wight, Donna Mills, Sophie Hardiman & Helen Koffman
  • Savage Truth Training London 2019 Savage Truth Training London 2019

The Team Undertakes Further Training

One thing we can never be accused of at Clarity is standing still.

The world of recruitment changes incredibly fast, with new technology, changes in candidate behaviours and the fact that the industry remains incredibly competitive. Recruitment today looks very different from how it looked only twelve months ago. And anyone in the industry who is not moving at the same pace is falling behind.

Ultimately we are here to find job-seekers work and place those people with our client's, many of whom have very clear ideas about what they want and need.

With the current climate one of political and economic uncertainty, the number of job-seekers has plummeted and the sorts of jobs that businesses are giving agencies are fewer, harder to fill and short-term.

How do we manage this?

By understanding our value as human beings, not fighting with the inevitable technological advances, which the team have embraced. Instead, constantly improving the human experience for client's and candidates alike.

The course was crammed with skills we can learn and many we already use day to day but can be honed.

Thanks to Greg and Chris Savage for a hugely informative and inspirational day out!