KPMG & REC Report on Jobs September 19

Clare Wight, Managing Director for Clarity Appointments says

"The summer is always a challenging time for recruitment, with individuals taking their well-earned annual breaks, impacting the approach to applying for jobs and slowing down the recruitment process within businesses as departments feel stretched to cover for colleagues and take their own breaks.

However, the continued political turmoil has exacerbated this further with businesses unable to plan and potential jobseekers behaving like consumers and deciding that doing nothing is better in a climate of uncertainty.

Even the City has now decided that the country would benefit from Jeremy Corbyn as PM over a no-deal Brexit, proving anything is possible over the coming weeks!

Whilst we expect quarter four to be an improvement on the summer figures, as it always has historically, we anticipate that SME's, in particular, will continue to hesitate about recruitment and we'll have the same pressures to find talented people to fill those vacancies as individuals decide to stay put for the time being. And we believe there will be an increasing reliance upon temporary staff."

Clarity Appointments KPMG REC England Jobs Report September 2019 [853.51 KB]

Clarity Appointments KPMG REC Midlands Jobs Report September 2019 [736.05 KB]