• How do I conduct a job interview? How do I conduct a job interview?

How do I conduct a job interview?

You're a recruiter and maybe you've never interviewed before. Maybe interviewed infrequently. Or with limited success and scratching your head as to what you could have done to improve the experience.

Or you are responsible for ensuring line managers get the most out of the hiring process and this can be truly daunting. And, at times, a bit frustrating.

You, and they, are intelligent individuals and you don't need a 'to do' list that consists of 'read CV, prepare some questions, pick suitable venue'. Instead, you need an understanding of the process and why each stage of the process is critical to hiring the right staff for your business.

We understand your pain, interviewing on a daily basis ourselves, so we developed a free full and comprehensive guide to take you through the whole process including:

(1) Pre interview qualification

(2) Pre interview preparation

(3) Managing the interview

(4) The debrief

Please feel free to download it and share it freely within your business.

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FREE Clarity Interview Management Guide [595.04 KB]