The 7 reasons why your recruitment agency isn't prioritising your vacancy

#4 You are not a working partner

If you're reading this series of blogs about the reasons why agencies aren't filling your vacancy, you're half-way now to understanding how you can make your own life so much easier by understanding the challenges recruiters face when dealing with their clients, often individuals and companies they are desperate to please.

Yes, the financial rewards can be excellent but many recruiters genuinely want to build long lasting and fulfilling business relationships, just like anyone else.

This week we're looking at #4 You are not a working partner.

So what do we mean by that?

You're providing the minimum of information you believe is required to fulfil your recruitment need. Questions from the agency are fielded, avoided, deemed 'none of their business'. A request for a visit to your premises to see the environment, meet the people, denied.

Fully involving your agency, allowing them in to understand you, your business and your requirements are not only invaluable for them to seek the right people for you now, but essential to build a candidate pipeline for you for the future.

Also consider how you would feel working on a 'need to know' basis, where there is no foundation for an open, trusting and successful relationship. It can lead to miscommunication, a feeling that there is something you are not being told, that you are not respected and insufficiently briefed to do your best work.

At Clarity we work WITH our suppliers and we expect the same from our clients.

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Thanks to #savagetruth for their help and inspiration.