The 7 reasons why your recruitment agency isn't prioritising your vacancy

#3 You are not committed to hire

Yes, we all know there are good and bad in any profession, recruitment included. But it's a complex job, with a myriad of factors that can turn what appears to be a relatively straightforward request become a nightmare recruitment process. And have you ever considered that you might be part of the problem?

In this series we're looking at why agencies aren't prioritising your job vacancy.

#3 You are not committed to hire

You'd quite like an extra pair of hands in your team. You'd like to see who is in the market place. Jim, your Accountant is looking to retire. He's not sure when, but probably in the next twelve months or so you think. He does all the accounts through to the final accounts and does some of this from home. You think that perhaps you'd like to bring in someone slightly more junior ... Jim is a little expensive after all, and he has suggested that he could do the final accounts at year end.

You contact an agency to see who they have "on their books". They ask you for a job spec and some questions about who would fit in. You don't have a job spec because Jim has been doing the job for a long time, so you give them a rough guide of what he does. They ask for a meeting but you don't have the time. You just want some CV's sent over.

No matter how good they are, Recruiters need some basics in order to find you the right person. They need to know what the day to day duties of the job are. They need to know something about the culture of your business and perhaps the history of the role. They need to know the salary and benefits offered should they be successful. And they ideally need to meet you, if you are who the successful incumbent will be reporting to.

If you're not willing to provide this information, they will struggle to get buy in from candidates which limits the talent pool. It is often very difficult to know whether you are someone just "dabbling" or actually genuinely looking to hire if you are only giving little bits of information.

In short, ensure you are committed to hiring that person before contacting your agency.

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#1 Your need is not real or urgent

#2 Your hiring criteria is unreasonable

Thanks for the help and inspiration in this recruitment journey, Greg & Chris Savage #SavageSprint