The 7 reasons why your recruitment agency isn't prioritising your vacancy

#2 Your hiring criteria is unreasonable

Welcome to a series of blogs looking at why recruitment agencies are struggling, or choosing not to fill your vacancies.

Now, despite the bad press they get, your recruitment agency is likely working hard on your behalf. But recruitment is no easy task, else you'd be doing it yourself, right? So we're taking a look at the reasons behind their failure to fill the vacancy you gave them.

#2 Your hiring criteria is unreasonable

You have a list as long as your arm of all the personal and professional attributes your new hire should have. You're not going to give ... they have to have them all.

And you're not paying market rate.

Just because the man that worked for you in that role for 15 years was prepared to do all that for £35,000, is does not mean we'll find someone else who will.

And have you considered what you are offering in return in terms of opportunity? Or that maybe someone who was doing an identical job to the person leaving will want to move to another company for an identical job? (Oh, and for less money and annual leave). Would you?

Please consider the key skills that are required and be prepared to be flexible to attract the right person. And the right person is almost certainly not a carbon copy of the man who is leaving. Because he's leaving. Maybe you're packing him off on retirement but don't expect that the next person will work without a pay rise for the next 4 years or a clear career path.

Of course there will be key skills and personal attributes you want and need. Every business needs to ensure that they hire someone capable of the tasks they will be undertaking and align with your culture and values. But the more flexible you can be, the more chances of a successful hire.

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With thanks to Greg and Chris Savage for the inspiration, enthusiasm and support on this recruitment journey #SavageSprint