The 7 reasons why your recruitment agency isn't prioritising your vacancy

#1 Your need is not real or urgent

Would it surprise you to know that the average recruiter only fills one in five of the vacancies they take on?

That the other four worked amounted to no income whatsoever. Imagine ... a profession where you only get paid for 20% of the work you do in any year. And where every day, swarms of people take to social media to berate your profession. Doesn't sound terribly attractive, does it? Yet 31 new recruitment agencies were started up every WEEK in 2016.

There are many reasons why an agency isn't prioritising the vacancy you gave them right now.

#1 Your need is not real or urgent

You think you want someone for that job that Lindsay in accounts is doing at the moment. She's having a baby in 6 weeks. You've known she's having a baby and taking maternity leave for the last two months or so but done nothing about it. You've been busy. Time ran away. Then you panicked and rang the agency.

Your needs have consumed their days with social media and advertising campaigns, hours of sourcing candidates, meeting and qualifying those candidates. And then sending those people's credentials to you with the expectation of speedy correspondence to arrange interviews and make a hire. The aim ... a short but necessary handover for Lindsey.

Only the CV's are still unread a week later. Or maybe you did glance at them but you've told the agency 'no-one took your fancy' with no tangible feedback because you can't give any. They're all suited to the maternity cover you described but things have changed since the panic subsided.

Your problem kinda sorted itself out. Because Lindsay only works part-time anyway, following the birth of her son two years ago and Sandra's now said she wants to up her hours in September. So you don't need anyone after all.

Maybe all you will remember was that you used an agency once and they were 'rubbish'. i.e. You didn't engage anyone they sent you and the consultant seemed a bit peeved when you avoided their calls for a couple of weeks whilst you finalised the details internally, only to be told that you'd 'filled it internally'. Or they were OK and you'd use them again.

Unfortunately, your needs might not be so high on their list next time. Because we all know the story of the little boy who cried wolf.

With thanks to Greg and Chris Savage for the inspiration, enthusiasm and support on this recruitment journey #SavageSprint