Feeling Frazzled

The Need for Regular Breaks

Do you start to get frazzled this time of year or is it just me?

After a refreshingly long break over Christmas, I get back to work with a long to-do list, marking out all my intentions. And I don't mean New Year Resolutions either since I haven't made any of those for a couple of decades. It's always baffled me. Why would anyone wait until 1 January to act upon something that needs changing?

Anyway, it's early June as I write this, sitting in the British Library, skiving off from a conference I am meant to be at, but woke up realising that my brain is fried, I can no longer focus and I am not at my best. The last thing I need is a conference full of people trying to sell to me. So I travel to London anyway, with a pile of work that requires creative input. And here I am refreshing my mind and creating.

It's not that I don't have it in me to write or plan and implement a marketing strategy without escaping to a library. I just shouldn't be doing it in June when, apart from the bank holidays, I have had only two days annual leave since Christmas. And this venue is working for me right now.

Every year I plan an overseas break in late June. I always have a wonderful time but I don't truly switch off because in all that free time and space my tired little brain is resting and coming up with some of the best ideas I will likely have all year. And it brings me so much pleasure.

A great reminder that no matter how busy you are, to perform to the best of your ability, you need to rest, relax, take yourself away from the day to day and give yourself some space to just ..... be.