Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The need to keep up

Well, firstly, thanks for reading this. How do you even have the time in a four-day week? I don't really have time to write this week but I feel so enthused that I'm forgoing another cup of tea and spending ten minutes to share my new found excitement with you.

I've been doing my job a long time. Eighteen years in fact. Where the hell did that time go? ... Anyway, I've learned a lot in that time, it's challenging and constantly evolving and I know it will never get stale. How many people can say that, do you think?

I have always been aware of the need to keep ahead in business and, if you have ever met me, you can feel pity for my team who are very supportive, embracing change, but must have days (weeks, months, years even) where they think 'For goodness sake, Clare, can we just stop and catch a breath.' But of course, if you stop for too long then the climb just becomes even more arduous and I don't believe in making life any harder than it already is.

I offered the team (another) training course a couple of weeks ago to improve our job vacancy writing skills. We're all so experienced but things change and we need a refresher. Silence. It's half term, not a great week, and I decided to send myself instead. To beautiful Bletchley Park. It was a copywriting course, specifically for recruiters and it was fab. You know, one of those courses which is jam packed with stuff you feel embarrassed you didn't know. In fact, I struggled to fight the mental exhaustion when I got home to clear down over 100 emails and then lay awake until the early hours of this morning with my brain racing ahead - so excited to put my new skills into practice.

I got more out of it than some great new skills and a lunch break. I made some new contacts and am experiencing more enjoyment from what I can now offer our customers than I have had for weeks. 'Grammarly' still sighs through my ramblings though.

Clare Wight