Recruiters Please STOP!

Recruiters Rubbishing Their Own Industry

Every day in past weeks my LinkedIn feed has been jam packed with recruitment bashing. And I've had enough.

The posts range from nitpicking about the online profiles of other recruiters, the weak offering they are pitching, the 'I spoke to a candidate about an opportunity but a competitor sent their CV ahead of me without asking' (boo hoo) grumbles, to complaining about candidates that annoy you.

According to the REC's Recruitment Industry Trends 2015/16, the recruitment industry is bigger than ever before. The value of the recruitment industry to the UK economy was £35.1 billion in 2015, 9% more than the previous year, and more than the food and beverage industry (£32.6b) and advertising and market research industry (£16.9b). It's expected to grow further in 2017.

This is an industry that proudly puts people to work in the UK, contributing to the wealth of a nation whilst changing the lives of millions of individuals. It's building businesses, giving the opportunity to many to learn new skills and it's aiding and placing the unemployed. The market is big enough for all recruiters, good and bad, to make a living and play nicely.

If the recruitment industry appears to be in the gutter than it's because we placed ourselves there. We need to have some decorum, share more of the good stuff on social media and when somebody takes to LinkedIn to slate us, exercise good judgement and walk away. It's too easy for us to just post a quick comment to defend ourselves (I've done it and regretted it later when it's been misconstrued or an argumentative stranger takes a swipe). When we bite back we always lose the argument.

Many amongst you will comment that this is recruitment bashing about recruitment bashing. I'd rather you instead used your energy to find something positive to say about our great industry and start building it up again. We have to earn respect after all. And next time you feel a colleague is about to air disparaging information with the entire planet, hand them your car keys to play with.