Attracting the Best People

Essential for a Competitive Business

If you've ever had to be responsible for hiring staff you'll know it's hard to even attract the right people, let alone sift, assess, interview, hire, induct, train and support. I mean, really hard.

I left school in 1987, at the age of 16. Bright but not academic, with predicted grades better than my actual, I lived with parents who would not have tolerated a day of idleness. If I wasn't going to accept the college place I had been offered I was going to have to find a job. So I did, on the first attempt. I started work on Monday 6th July 1987 as a bank clerk, 2 weeks after my 16th birthday.

My lack of education could have been a big problem but I am not daft. I just didn't do as well as predicted in my last year of school, which, as a shy teenager I hated. But because I had the right attitude, I created a situation where I found myself in front of a bank manager who wanted to give me a chance in life. I grabbed it with both hands and gave the best years of my young years to NatWest Bank.

What if I had chosen to wait a few months to hang about before applying? If I hadn't actively sought work with the four employers I had chosen by contacting them directly and appropriately? If I hadn't understood the importance of preparing for the interview and researching the company? If I hadn't arrived on time and wearing my new 'best' outfit?

But I did. And it was sufficient to impress the man who offered me that job and helped me learn and grow until I left 18 years later, a very different person indeed. I had learned so much and it was finally time to move on.

Where do you find people like that in 2017? They are there. But you need to be skilled at attracting them. And luckily for you, there's help out there, with agencies like mine pulling together decades of experience to identify where to advertise, how to write an attractive and engaging job advert, how to read a CV, qualifying applicants and turning them into credible candidates. An agency that understands that it's not all about a university education but about drive, enthusiasm, cultural fit and more.

If you want to know how we do it, just call and ask.

Clare Wight, Managing Director