Accurately Matching People to Your Business

Recruiting with Clarity Appointments

Line Managers are busy people and in our experience rarely want reams of CV's to sort in order to short-list people for their job vacancy.

Sadly we frequently hear of poor recruitment agency experiences where there has been no apparent careful selection of CV's sent, rather a scatter gun approach where the needs of the agency (to send as many CV's as they can to meet KPI's) have outweighed the needs of the customer (that the agency sends the CV's of only the very best people).

We think it's bad form to bombard you with anything (cold calls, mailshots, CV's) so promise you, our customers or potential customers, that we will accurately match people to your vacancy.

We do this by understanding our candidates through a thorough registration process which includes a structured interview discussing their capabilities, their qualifications and experience. We get to know their personality, what makes them tick, the environment they would thrive in and what they seek from their working lives now and in the future.

And by understanding your business culture, the needs of your line managers and the company's strategy and ethics, we are able to make a successful match time and time again. For twelve years to be precise.

Undertaking this process reduces the risk of you hiring the wrong person, saves you valuable time and will save you money.

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Clare Wight, Managing Director