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Recruiting with Clarity Appointments

I'm a born worrier. And currently, I am spending my days worrying that the wider world doesn't really understand what recruitment agencies do. I think, in the main, it's considered that we spend our days in our call centre environments, banging out cold calls to poor unsuspecting companies, trotting out our sales patter in the hope someone will give us a vacancy to fill. And when they do, we wait by for an email to come with a job specification and we go about playing 'Snap' with a ginormous magical database (and LinkedIn).

Not true. Not even close.

For starters, I can assure you that at Clarity, we spend the tiniest amount of our time making sales calls. You can't start a business on day one and expect people to find you, so of course, we had to win business through introducing ourselves, but we have found over the years (12 years to be precise) that we need to do very little of this now and that's simply because we look after the ones we have, with winning new business still important but not critical to our survival month to month.

And if we just 'played Snap' we would probably still be making those cold calls. Because this is not recruitment..... It's 'Snap'.

We have formed very strong, mutual relationships (even friendships) with local companies and decision makers and are often privy to highly confidential strategic decisions made by them. They call us up to meet with them, sometimes off-site, to discuss their needs and they trust us to offer practical advice and solutions. Trust and confidentiality are paramount and they expect that their dedicated consultant will have their mobile on, will have a published direct dial so they can be reached quickly and discreetly, and occasionally extend our published hours to accommodate an important email or call.

And when I mention my company name to a business for the first time and they say pointedly 'I've never heard of you', instead of smarting, I remember it's because we've taken our time to get round to them because we're busy servicing others. And it's probably been their loss.