Oh Wow, That's Good

Meeting Expectations

In all honesty, I cannot remember the last time I bit into a warm, sugar-coated raspberry jam doughnut and felt the joy of the jam running down my chin and licking the sugar from my lips and fingers. And wanted another and another until guilt and/or nausea kicked in.

More recently purchased doughnuts have been covered in a sugary powder rather than crunchy sugar, the dough is too dry or, the most unforgivable of crimes against food, badly lacking in jam. Who on this planet wants a jam doughnut with only a teaspoon of jam in it?

So I don't buy them anymore.

At 46 years of age, my heart and thighs are thanking me for that decision, I'm sure, but how disappointing to have lost one of life's small pleasures. And It makes me a bit cross that the manufacturers can no longer fulfil my need.

It's also a reminder, should my industry need one, that in 2017 job-seekers are behaving like consumers. And if your offering isn't what is says on the bag, if it isn't consistently good, people will stop coming. If you change your recipe, make sure it's for the better else they'll take to social media and tell you.

They expect you to know your marketplace, demonstrate your expertise, be authentic, robust in your processes, professional, courteous and get it right every time. So when building a brand we shouldn't worry so much about the design of the bag and where it's positioned to ensure it's seen by the maximum number of people possible. But instead, expend our energy ensuring that when the bag is opened it doesn't contain the equivalent of dry, powdery, jamless, calorie rich, enjoyment-poor doughnuts.