Balancing Work & Home Life

Creating a Family Friendly Company

I don't like the expression work/life balance because for me work is very much part of my 'life'. I assume if it doesn't form part of yours then you don't love what you do, that you are spending a large part of your time on this planet wishing hours away and you, quite simply, need to change jobs. That's a blog for another day entirely ...

And here we have it. If you love your work, the work/life thing can become blurred. When doing a bit of work on your laptop at the kitchen table isn't work after all because you've got a glass of wine on the go and you're doing it because you want to not because you've have someone wagging a finger at you.

But it's critical to create time in the the week to manage outside commitments, enjoy time with loved ones and rest. Whilst many companies are getting better at this there is much room for improvement.

At Clarity we are in the smug zone here, having got it sussed, with team members able to work from home with a lap top and mobile phone, part time hours the norm for working parents and grandparents and swapped work days a regular occurrence to enable attendance at sports days, nativity plays and sick bed duty.

But this comes with trust - a two way street which takes time to become entrenched. The onus is completely on the line manager or business owner. I have found that if you give people responsibility and show them respect and trust they in fact rarely abuse that trust. Set clear boundaries, enable work away from the office with technology, treat everyone the same and it is entirely possible to have a job you love and still spend quality time with your family and friends.

Clare Wight, Managing Director