Love is ...

Modern Day 'Courting'

... OK, I know there is nothing modern about 'courting' - a word replaced by 'dating' long ago. But please bear with me because I think the word still has relevance in the business world.

I spotted this 'Rush Hour Crush' article in The Metro and it tickled me. I was amused because of the sentiment and the language used but also a bit sad that in an age where we have so many mediums to communicate with each other we still fail miserably.

Where is the harm in smiling at a stranger on the bus or train, maybe striking up a conversation, however banal, to see whether your interest registers? Whether there is the faintest flicker of mutual attraction worth pursuing? But instead we live in a world where we have our heads down, looking at our phones and tablets, ear plugs in and we watch helplessly as possibly the most beautiful human being we have ever seen walks out of our lives forever. *grabs tissues* *blows nose*

We're scared of rejection. Of someone looking back in total bemusement that we could even conceive the idea that we are worthy of their affections. Of approaching someone already in a relationship and unavailable. So we don't act at all.

This is something many of us face every day in our working lives when trying to court new business.

I'm thinking about my own version of The Metro article.

'Remember me? The receptionist put me through to your extension on Monday about 10.15am. You have lovely offices, a wonderful laugh and I'd really like the chance to help you fill your Credit Manager vacancy.'

Clare Wight, Managing Director