Hot Cross Buns

And Other Misunderstandings

I was looking for an image suitable for the looming Christian festival, Easter, and typed 'hot cross buns' into an unnamed free stock photo site. I kid you not, this was one of three photos that came up on the first two pages of semi-naked women. None of whom looked remotely cross.

It was a stark reminder that computers can only supply a suitable answer to your search based on the information they are given in the first place and unable to understand context or meaning.

You cannot reasonably expect to run a key-word search on the internet or any database as a recruiter expecting the 'right person' for your organisation to magically appear.

My company has the latest technology enabling us to find people who have registered so poorly on job boards they may be never found again. But I still believe that only a human, who has expertly qualified that person, truly knows if that candidate is who they say and whether they are competent, credible and fit culturally within an organisation.

Thankfully for us, and the recruitment industry as a whole, building relationships with other human beings, having emotional intelligence and a passion for what we do remains a critical part of the process and cannot be replaced by any algorithm known to man. Yet.