The Rise and Rise of the 'Fake' Award

Didn't We Do Well?

Most days I get emails that I decide to rescue from my 'spam' folder. The algorithm that chose them as spam was not wrong, but they either offered sufficient intrigue for me to take a closer look or I release them merely to push 'unsubscribe' for the future.

In the past two months I have had three such 'junk' emails that have made me very curious, announcing that my business is so successful; that I am such an incredible business leader (the next Karren Brady perhaps?) that I have been carefully selected by a panel of experts for a prestigious award. How exciting, all that hard work and marketing is really paying off!

It likely goes without saying that I am immensely proud of Clarity, a business that has been built, not quite with blood, sweat and tears but certainly hard work, team loyalty, expertise, lost sleep, lots of wine (and, OK, occasional tears). But despite this and my regular sharing on social media of our successes, I am a modest person so be 'recognised' for our work is very flattering.

It very soon becomes clearer why I/we have been plucked from obscurity by an 'international panel of judges'. Those three words Reasonably. Priced. Advertising.

They're not wrong, at as little as £295 these really are 'reasonably priced' advertising packages. If you are manufacturing some horrid margarine, for example, and want to 'win' a consumer product of the year award, the cost is many thousands of pounds.
But forgive me, this arrangement sounds 100% like a swizz to fool the public and I am really not that vain.

Thanks for the offer folks but sadly I have way too much integrity to brandish an award I bought.

Clare Wight

Managing Director of Clarity Appointments

Proud Winners of the ‘Ones to Watch in Recruitment, 2017 Award, 'Most Innovative Employment & Recruitment Agency – London And South East 2017 UK Recruitment Awards' and 'Acquisition International’s Managing Director of the Year 2017'