News & Blog - June 2017

  • Professional, Confidential & Discreet
    Professional, Confidential & Discreet

    Tuesday 27th June 2017

    Recruiting with Clarity Appointments

    I'm a born worrier. And currently, I am spending my days worrying that the wider world doesn't really understand what...

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  • Feeling Frazzled
    Feeling Frazzled

    Tuesday 13th June 2017

    The Need for Regular Breaks

    Do you start to get frazzled this time of year or is it just me? After a refreshingly long break...

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  • It's Been an Education
    It's Been an Education

    Wednesday 7th June 2017

    Thanks to the British Library

    I have been working in the British Library today. And they will be pleased to hear that it has been...

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  • Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
    Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

    Thursday 1st June 2017

    The need to keep up

    Well, firstly, thanks for reading this. How do you even have the time in a four-day week? I don't really...

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