News & Blog - March 2017

  • Appraising & Motivating
    Appraising & Motivating

    Tuesday 28th March 2017

    Getting the Best out of Your Team

    I do not profess to be an expert when it comes to motivating a team of people but I have...

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  • Balancing Work & Home Life
    Balancing Work & Home Life

    Monday 20th March 2017

    Creating a Family Friendly Company

    I don't like the expression work/life balance because for me work is very much part of my 'life'. I assume...

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  • Is Your Job Applicant Who They Say They Are?
    Is Your Job Applicant Who They Say They Are?

    Tuesday 14th March 2017

    Reducing the Risk of a Bad Hire

    Hiring badly for your business can be devastating. Apart from the obvious costs including salary and training costs choosing the...

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  • Rewarding Your Stars
    Rewarding Your Stars

    Tuesday 7th March 2017

    How to Keep a Team Motivated

    Talent isn't easy to find in 2017. I know first hand, from hiring for my own team to finding the...

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