News & Blog - March 2017

  • Conference Time
    Conference Time

    Wednesday 29th March 2017

    Clarity at the T.E.A.M Recruitment Conference

    The Clarity team attended the annual T.E.A.M (The Employment Agents Movement) Conference on Friday 24th March. This was a brilliant...

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  • Appraising & Motivating
    Appraising & Motivating

    Tuesday 28th March 2017

    Getting the Best out of Your Team

    I do not profess to be an expert when it comes to motivating a team of people but I have...

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  • Balancing Work & Home Life
    Balancing Work & Home Life

    Monday 20th March 2017

    Creating a Family Friendly Company

    I don't like the expression work/life balance because for me work is very much part of my 'life'. I assume...

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  • Is Your Job Applicant Who They Say They Are?
    Is Your Job Applicant Who They Say They Are?

    Tuesday 14th March 2017

    Reducing the Risk of a Bad Hire

    Hiring badly for your business can be devastating. Apart from the obvious costs including salary and training costs choosing the...

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  • Rewarding Your Stars
    Rewarding Your Stars

    Tuesday 7th March 2017

    How to Keep a Team Motivated

    Talent isn't easy to find in 2017. I know first hand, from hiring for my own team to finding the...

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