Games Software Tester

Industry Sector: Office

St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Job Ref: 3706B

Monday 15th August 2022

To £9.50 per Hour

How do you fancy playing AAA games, before they are released, to test their functionality, recording the bugs to be fixed, and getting paid in the process?

You're 18 years old or above and able to start work this summer, through to the autumn.

You'll work from 5 pm to 1 am Monday to Friday - great if you're not a morning person.

Whatever your situation, you’ll need to be able to get to Wyboston Lakes, near St Neots which will be your place of work. This is because you’ll be working on not-yet-released games and therefore security is paramount.

You'll be testing games over and over to find the bugs, report those bugs in Jira software and then ensure those bugs are fixed correctly. Your responsibility, as an individual and a team, is to ensure that the game is released as bug-free as possible. So, you'll see that clear written English is an essential skill to communicate issues in an unambiguous way.

What’s involved in the application process?

You’ll need a recent CV to apply for this position and then a human being will review your application. If it’s clear that the job is not suitable (maybe you live too far away to commute daily, for example, or you are too young to work on age-restricted games) then your application will be rejected.

If it’s clear we need to find out more about you, a very short email will be sent to you asking you to provide a little more information about your ability to commute, your availability to work and your love of gaming. This helps us to shortlist.

On receipt of your response, if you’re not suitable, you’ll be rejected on this occasion. If you are suitable you’ll be invited, at a time that suits you, to have a telephone chat for about 15 mins where the job will be explained more fully and we’ll talk about any concerns you might have etc. Before taking you through to booking an online assessment.

The assessment will be done remotely on your computer, with or without a camera on, where you will learn about the business and the job, along with a demonstration of the tasks. You'll have a go yourself and prove you’ve understood the instructions given and that you’re able to fulfil the brief. Nothing to worry about, we promise.

Assessment slots are typically held daily, Monday to Friday with availability in the mornings and afternoons, replacing the need for a face-to-face interview and you'll be offered one that is convenient to you.

You’ll know whether you’ve passed the test within a few hours and if you do pass (most people do), you’ll be offered a start date. Depending on where we are with the hiring process for the projects you may have a few days’ notice or might be added to a list for an invite to start in the coming weeks.

Whatever the process, you’ll be kept informed throughout but if your circumstances change at this point and you no longer wish to be considered, that’s fine. Just let us know.

Once on the job, you can expect regular hours with a 30-minute break. During this break in your shift your time is your own, whether you need to take a walk alone or grab some food whilst socialising with loads of other friendly, avid gamers all doing the same job as you.

Your office premises are modern and comfortable, with parking outside and the use of a lift. And you'll have someone to buddy up with during those early days to make sure you're picking things up OK and settling in well.

Your holiday entitlement will be accrued at 28 days pro-rata and your rate of pay will be determined by your age since it’s minimum wage. That's £8.54 for 18-20-year-olds, £9.18 for 21-22 year olds and £9.50 for those 23 years old and over.

Apply now for a fast-track application process which will include a telephone call and, if successful, a two-hour online assessment, before starting your new, exciting job.