QA Team Lead

Industry Sector: Office

St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Job Ref: J2020A

Wednesday 24th June 2020

£19,000 per Annum

FQA, Compat and Comp. These words are gobbledygook to most of us.

But you're a QA tester in the gaming industry, or at least have been for two years or more, and this is your language. Although you have an excellent command of the English language too.

Because as a games QA tester, with experience, you understand that software functionality testing, or finding bugs to fix, is a skill. But utterly pointless if you lack the ability to write your findings unambiguously and concisely.

And this job vacancy is to lead a team on a really exciting project. So you'll be setting the very best of examples.

Sorry, this is not remote working, because of the top secrecy surrounding the product you're testing. And you'll know the importance of having to sign an NDA as a result.

But you'll be working with a business with an eye-popping growth spurt that, so far, seems to have no end. Working with AAA games and oodles of other exciting things in the pipeline.

The hours are 5 pm to 1 am Monday to Friday. And you'll have work until November 2020, possibly longer.

Let me repeat that, just in case your eyes skipped it. 5 pm to 1 am (with a 30 minute break).

Not for everyone, we know, but for gamers, that's the best part of the day, right? Especially in this heat!

You'll be working in air-conditioned, modern premises, Covid 19 safe with regular cleaning down and safe distancing. You can park right outside and there are free hot refreshments. Plus, you'll be hanging out with other enthusiastic game players.

PLEASE: It is ESSENTIAL that you can safely get to the St Neots area with your own transport because of the time of your shift. Public transport is not an option.

We're hiring now, so apply without hesitation.